To succeed in today’s global market, it’s essential for your business to be supported by reliable distribution and warehouse facilities.  At Dimensions, we take care of your stock and orders and offer a flexible warehousing process that scales quickly. 

From stock management to courier services, our systems allow businesses to plan, purchase and manage orders any time, giving you complete control over your logistics.

We have condensed 30 years of experience and industry knowledge into 5 simple tips to establishing a robust warehousing process for your eCommerce business:

Warehousing process-ecommerce-order-fulfilment

Dimensions Warehousing Process Flow


1  Goods-in, Handling and Inspection


When you place an order with your supplier(s), you enter the order details into our Warehouse Management System, 3PL Central, so your account manager and operation know to expect a delivery.

When goods are received by us, they are checked off against the dispatch note and recorded into the system.  At this point, the stock is automatically updated on your website and any other marketplaces you’re present on (such as Amazon and Debenhams) and is ready to sell.

We then put your stock away in our warehouses’ dedicated locations for your brand, ready for picking.

Any discrepancies in stock numbers or damaged goods are recorded during the inspection process and you’re immediately notified.


2  Storage


From pallets to pick faces, all stock is stored in a clean, dry environment.  We assign each client dedicated location(s) within the warehouse to ensure maximum speed during the picking process.

We also have separate storage and picking facilities for large and small items.  Working with a variety of businesses, we provide tailored solutions to fulfilling any volumes from individual accessories to pallet deliveries.

Smaller items such as clothes, cosmetics, accessories, food and spirits are stored in a separate location equipped with facilities such as racking, picking and packing stations tailored for small items.

Pallets and large boxes are handled in our main warehouse space.


3  Order Processing


Once an order is placed on your shopping channel(s), it is automatically imported onto 3PL Central.

Order processing begins by generating a pick sheet and shipping label for the order.  Goods are picked, verified against the order and packed in suitable packaging for dispatch.

We can use custom packaging to suit your requirements as well as add custom inserts (such as leaflets and discount codes) and/or free gifts (such as samples or GWPs) as required.

We charge a fee from processing the order including picking 1 item.  Any additional items in the same order are charged at a lower rate.


4  Dispatch


The packed orders are stored safely until collected by the couriers.  The order tracking number is updated on your shopping channel ready to notify your customer.

You will benefit from our lower courier rates achieved by our economies of scale.  We constantly look to improve these rates to get you the best possible price.


5  3PL Central


Our cloud-based warehouse management system means orders are shipped within just a few hours.   3PL Central also offers clear item codes and product descriptions to provide complete clarity over your logistics operation.

The system enables you to monitor stock levels and add expiry dates to products.   It helps clients make informed decisions on unused stock and has automated pre-alert to enable faster stock replenishment.

3PL Central empowers our partners to:

  • Remove uncertainly and duplication from ordering
  • Reduce administration time
  • Improve their audit trails for cost control and compliance
  • Have peace of mind with full disaster recovery protection that ensures your ability to remotely control and manage your stock will never be compromised

The comprehensive understanding we bring to your business complements the technology we use for robust fulfilment and dispatch.

Whether you’re just starting out in the word of eCommerce or you run an established business and are looking for growth, it’s vital to have an experienced team who can look after your order fulfilment from start to finish.

At Dimensions, our robust solutions take care of your stock management, order fulfilment and international delivery requirements so you can focus on growing your business.


2019 marks Dimensions’ 30 year anniversary!  We were one of the first businesses in the UK to service the eCommerce sector and we have had the opportunity to shape and evolve our services in tandem with the industry itself.  In this new blog series we will be going back to basics to reveal the machinations behind successful order fulfilment.


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