In part 1 of The Road to Customer Loyalty we covered how quality packaging has become incremental in retaining customers for ecommerce businesses.  In the second part, we will be exploring the equally important role of timely delivery in increasing customer loyalty:


Resources and Reliability


Business advancement is great, but it often comes with certain implications that can slow down growth.  One of these is lack of resources.  When an ecommerce business shifts from an average of 70 orders to 300 orders per month within the space of a year, it can be tough to retain the same focus on expanding the business whilst ensuring all orders reach customers in a timely fashion.

This is where a 3PL provider will prove valuable.  A fulfilment expert will have the resources and economies of volume necessary to fulfilment your growing order cost-effectively.  This means you will not be burdened with the costs of additional staff and resources in busier periods.  At the same time, you won’t be losing money on redundant overheads during quiter months.  All while the quality and timelines in which your parcels reach customer remain consistent.



Delivery Speed and Third Party Logistics (3PL)


Getting orders picked, packed, shipped, and delivered on time has never been more important.  But as one-day delivery has become the new standard, companies fulfilling orders internally might struggle to meet customers’ expectations.

Outsourcing your fulfilment can help you stand your ground against competition.  They can provide the expertise, space, and technology to consistently fulfil online orders quickly.  So, a good fulfilment partner will render peak-time struggles (Monday, Christmas, Sales) a thing of the past.

Dimensions Order Fulfilment guarantees its customers same-day dispatch on all orders received before 12pm.  Using the latest warehouse management technology, we also offer businesses full visibility of our process, allowing them to track their orders’ progress and notify their customers accordingly.



Go the Extra Mile


To sustain consistent customer loyalty and stay on top of competition, businesses who take their success seriously have to proactively anticipate what the consumer will want next.

Research has shown that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.  Soon, outstanding packaging and shipping will not be enough to guarantee your brand customer loyalty.

To remain ahead of competition, when outsourcing your fulfilment make sure you select an expert who can provide several services under one roof.  Dimensions, for instance, has a reputable Marketing Logistics division.  This enables us to create highly personalised order components, such as labels and inserts to make your customer feel valued.  This service also gives businesses the ability to re-engage with lapsed customers through personalised email and mail campaigns.

As an award-winning fuliflment provider, we also ensure our clients have access to the latest fulfilment technology.  Currently, this includes live tracking information for all your orders and personalised frequent order-progress notifications for your customers.  All Dimensions services have been optimised with our clients and their end-customers in mind: our ultimate target is help you enhance your customers’ experience and increase brand loyalty.  So, from your customers’ online visit up until your products reach their doorstep, we help your brand take consumers on a journey.

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The Bottom Line

There are several factors to establishing a good fulfilment process that keeps your customers happy.  In an ever evolving market, it is proving the be just as important to attune your fulfilment process as it is to anticipate market trends if you wish to get ahead of competition. From eCommerce fulfilment to direct mail campaigns, promotional printing and kitting, Dimensions has the full extent of expertise to make your customers feel valued at every stage of their buying cycle.


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