For the last 50 years, brands have been thinking about producing and selling new items.  This model is based on marketing and economies of scale.  In the last decade, however, online has drastically changed the mould for successful retail.  We’ve now moved past the point where companies can survive past single transactions.  Now, online businesses rise and fall on their relationships with customers.

In the digital age of retail, customer relationships are invariable, but the means of obtaining said relationships are constantly evolving.  Consumer expectations for fast deliveries and excellent customer service are only going to increase as online retailers up the ante on what they offer.  This is where effective management of the post purchase experience comes in.


What is the post purchase experience?

The post purchase experience is the last mile in the customer’s buying cycle.  The marketing and sales departments work hard to get consumers to make their first purchase.  To the majority of e-retailers, this is where their customer acquisition campaigns end.  Often overseen by many, the operations involved in delivering the order and ensuring the customer is happy with what they’ve received are the most vital stages to an online brand’s success.


Why does it work?

Market reach is important, but costly.  That is why investing in retaining existing customers and triggering return purchases is the largest cog in an ecommerce business model.  And this is where the post purchase experience comes in.  It helps consumers track packages.  It helps retailers provide accurate estimated delivery times. And it facilitates returns.


If you nail order updates, delivery, packaging and presentation, then your customers will be more likely to choose you over a competitor for their next purchase – even in high-return ecommerce sectors like fashion.

Get it right and your customers will have decided to make their next purchase through your business before their current order is in their hands.  By fine-tuning your fulfilment, delivery and customer service, you can secure repeat purchases and returning customers as part of your initial customer acquisition campaign.


How to improve your post purchase experience

A good fulfilment partner will be able to manage the whole post purchase experience on your behalf.  From packaging, to returns management, to customer service, a fulfilment partner, such as Dimensions, will use its advanced access to data and reporting to answer questions about order progress and tracking information.

We acknowledge how complex customer data has become for retail companies.  A single customer may have separate profiles in the company’s marketing engine, ecommerce site, the support desk and the logistics and fulfilment system.   If a delivery disappears from someone’s front door, all the systems need to work together seamlessly to take a disappointing experience and make the customer feel cared for.  Dimensions helps make this happen. 

When a customer reaches out for assistance with their order, but the person they’re interfacing with doesn’t have all the information they need to help them efficiently, that can increase frustration and put customer satisfaction at risk.  That is why during a moment of high anticipation, getting the post-purchase experience right is an opportunity to deliver an easy win for your company.

At Dimensions, we go the extra mile when it comes to helping you manage the post purchase experience.  Our advanced order management software, 3PL Central, sends frequent order status and tracking updates to your customers.  Our digital interface gives end customers all the necessary information regarding their order before they find themselves in the awkward position of seeking assistance with their tracking.


Frequent order status updates, fast delivery and great packaging give you happy customers and help drive brand loyalty.


The Bottom Line

Two thirds of consumers say the quality of customer service influences where they spend their money.  Consumers find a lot of frustration in terms of getting the details on where their order is, when they can expect it and how they can return it.  By improving your post purchase experience, you improve customer relationships, drive retention and increase the lifetime value of your clients.  A good fulfilment partner will offer you the operations and technology necessary to deliver an excellent post-purchase experience.

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