We know one size doesn’t fit all

That’s why our shipping services are driven by the need to provide solutions that are faster, easy to navigate and help drive meaningful customer relationships

The eCommerce market is more and more competitive

In 2019, shipping is a major differentiator for your brand.

Advertising low-cost shipping and same-day dispatch on your website convert more visitors into buyers.  Ensuring every order arrives on time and undamaged makes them come back.

It’s not always possible to achieve this when you ship orders yourself.  This is where Dimensions’ eCommerce shipping solutions can help.  We safely store your inventor in our warehouse, accurately pick and pack orders as they come in, and quickly dispatch them through our courier network.

Our order management system, 3PL Central, automatically allocates each order to the cheapest, fastest shipping service.  Our commercial team secure discounts on standard shipping rates due to the volume of orders we process.  So you can take advantage of our economies of scale and advanced technology to give your customer a better shipping experience that saves you money and time.

Benefit from

✔  98% of orders successfully delivered on time

✔  The ability to deliver to 2040 countries worldwide

✔  AM deliveries to all major cities

You’ll also get the time to focus on more important things, like growing your business.

Affordable delivery from leading couriers

Take advantage of our economies of scale.

We ship a large volume of orders from our warehouses every day, so we get access to competitive delivery rates from leading couriers.  When you choose our shipping solutions, you get instant access to an array of delivery options for less.

Improve customer experience

When you choose Dimensions as your fulfilment partner, 3PL Central will keep you and your customers updated on the progress of each order as standard.

Every address is checked as it enters our system.  You’ll be notified about errors, so you can correct them with your customers and prevent shipping delays.  Apart from shipment notifications, you and your customers will also receive real time order tracking through processing, labelling and pick and pack.

Learn more about our order fulfilment process

Goods in

You send us your stock, our experienced team inspect it and find a home for it in our warehouse.  After your stock is processed and stored, it’s ready for your first orders.

Warehousing and Storage

Your items are safely stored in our brick warehouses.  Our could-based systems allow you real-time control and visibility of your stock levels and location.

Pick and Pack

We automatically retrieve your orders from your store.  We pick and pack them accurately and carefully.  You and your customers receive updates in real time. 

Account Management

Your account manager sets up your account and ensures your transition to Dimensions is seamless.  They will be your first point of contact and will make it their mission to help you grow.

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