Returns Management

We know one size doesn’t fit all

That’s why our customer services are driven by the need to provide solutions that are faster, easy to navigate and help drive meaningful customer relationships

We make returns quick and easy for you and your customers

UK consumers return a staggering £490 billion worth of products every year.  Fortunately for eCommerce business, 92% of shoppers say they would buy again from a business if the returns process is easy.  Dimensions’ returns management service makes this experience straight forward.

First, we eliminate the returns that should never happen.  Through our accurate order fulfilment service, we ensure no incorrect or damaged items reach your customers’ doorsteps.

Then, we make it easy for customers to initiate and track returns online.  When we finally receive and process the returns, we do so quickly.  Our entire process was designed to enable you to refund customers and restock products fast.

Gain control and visibility

Our returns management service helps you retain full control of the process.  You can specify standard return postage options.  You can choose what happens to returned items.

Every order we send has a unique number and barcode.  This allows us to quickly identify returns that require special treatments.  Both you and your customers can track them online, increasing transparency and reducing complaints.

Reduce returns

23% of eCommerce returns are due to incorrect items being shipped.  A further 20% are due to products being damaged in transit.  Not at Dimensions.

We eliminate these returns by providing you with a quality fulfilment process from start to finish.  Our pickers work to an accuracy rate of 99.97%.  And quality control comes as standard.  Through a combination of weight, visual, barcode and address checks, we make sure the right customer gets the right items 99.9% of the time.

Our highly trained team also ensures every order is carefully and appropriately packaged, reducing damages during transit.

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Goods in

You send us your stock, our experienced team inspect it and find a home for it in our warehouse.  After your stock is processed and stored, it’s ready for your first orders.

Warehousing and Storage

Your items are safely stored in our brick warehouses.  Our could-based systems allow you real-time control and visibility of your stock levels and location.

Pick and Pack

We automatically retrieve your orders from your store.  We pick and pack them accurately and carefully.  You and your customers receive updates in real time. 

Account Management

Your account manager sets up your account and ensures your transition to Dimensions is seamless.  They will be your first point of contact and will make it their mission to help you grow.

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