Order Fulfilment Process

We know one size doesn’t fit all

That’s why our fulfilment services are driven by the need to provide solutions that are faster, easy to navigate and help drive meaningful customer relationships

Order fulfilment is the process of receiving, picking, packing, and delivering orders to customers.  As the eCommerce marketer is growing increasingly crowded, order fulfilment has become one of the key brand differentiators for online businesses worldwide.  It is a cornerstone in creating a consistently great experience for your customers that will keep them coming back.

This is where Dimensions can help.  We provide quality, flexible and customisable fulfilment service to retailers of any size.  Our solutions give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on growing your business.  Our order fulfilment process has 5 key stages:

1. Goods in – you send us you inventory, we process and inspect it

2. Warehousing & Storage – your inventory is stored, ready for your orders

3. Pick and Pack – the items in each order are collected and put together in a parcel

4. Shipping – the order is dispatched to the customer through a courier

5. Returns – products or orders are returned by customers to Dimensions for processing

Here’s how our order fulfilment process works:

Goods in

This is the first step in our fulfilment process.

Once you choose Dimensions as your fulfilment partner, we create an account for you and integrate your stores to our order management system, 3PL Central. Your dedicated account manager then helps you set up your products and send us an Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) for you incoming sotck.

When you send your stock, we receive and check it carefully.  We add barcodes, photos, weights and dimensions for each SKU to our system.  This helps us provide you with an accurate, fast fulfilment later.

Warehousing & Storage

Your stock is put away in our warehouse.  Small, fast-moving SKUs are store into pick storage to ready them for speedier fulfilment and delivery/  Larger items are palletised to save you storage space and money.

Using 3PL Central we give you full control and visibility of your stock.  We trace and monitor batches, expiry dates, stock levels and movements in real time.  This helps you create more accurate demand-forecasts and

Pick and Pack

This is the most vital part in the order fulfilment process because it has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction.  A robust pick and pack process ensures the correct items arrive on time and undamaged.

Through our people and technology, we pick and pack quickly and accurately – with an accuracy rate of 99.98%.  And your customer receive regular updates on their order’s progress in real time.

We take our environmental impact very seriously.  That is why we offer a range of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packing materials to ensure your orders are packed securely.


Once your orders have been picked and packed, they go through a series of quality checks to ensure they meet our high quality standards.  Next, they are dispatched through our global courier network.

Our shipping solutions ensure that 98% of orders are delivered successfully and on-time.  Each order is automatically allocated to the most cost and time-effective courier service.  Your customer receive real-time tracking updates through our 3PL Central- Courier integration.

Returns management

Your customers are at the forefront of everything we do.  As part of our order fulfilment process, our returns management service creates a simple, streamlined experience for you and your clients.

The first step in our service is ensuring you customers receive the correct items in good condition.  If they are still unhappy with their purchase, we receive and process returns quickly.  This helps you refund your customers quickly and re-stock your products fast.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager sets up your account and ensures your transition to Dimensions is seamless.  They will be your first point of contact and will make it their mission to help you grow.

Specialist Fulfilment

Your items are safely stored in our brick warehouses.  Our could-based systems allow you real-time control and visibility of your stock levels and location.


We automatically retrieve your orders from your store.  We pick and pack them accurately and carefully.  You and your customers receive updates in real time. 

eCommerce Fulfilment

Orders from your online store are automatically processed and allocated to the most cost and time effective courier service.  99.8% of orders are successfully delivered on time.

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