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Goods in – also known as receiving – is the first step in the order fulfilment process.  It involves sending your inventory to a fulfilment warehouse with then stores it, ready to pick and pack your orders.

When you choose Dimensions as your fulfilment partner, you’ll gain access to 3PL Central, our cloud-based order management software.  Our award winning software gives you complete transparency and control of the goods in process.

Integrating your store

We’ll set up a 3PL Central account for you which you will be able to access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Our IT team will seamlessly integrate your online store.  Your dedicated account manager will show you how to utilise the software, add new products, and book them in for delivery.

You can use 3PL Central to track goods in.  You will be notified when your stock arrives – as well as when it has been inspected, processed and put away to storage, ready to be picked and packed.

Shipping your inventory to Dimensions

Once your products are booked in for delivery, the next step is for you (or your supplier) to ship them to us.

Your products should be barcoded and packaged consistently when they arrive.  For example, each pallet will contain 40 boxes, each box will contain 50 identical items (a single SKU).

This is so that we can inspect and process your stock quickly to help render it available in your online store faster.

Looking after your stock

On arrival, our goods-in team will count all the items and check for damages.  We photograph, weigh and measure each new product against the Advanced Shipment Details (ASN) you  or your supplier has provided us with.

This ensures maximum accuracy when it comes to stock control and pick and pack.  It also means you will only be charge for the exact storage space you use.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager sets up your account and ensures your transition to Dimensions is seamless.  They will be your first point of contact and will make it their mission to help you grow.

Warehousing and Storage

Your items are safely stored in our brick warehouses.  Our could-based systems allow you real-time control and visibility of your stock levels and location.

Pick and Pack

We automatically retrieve your orders from your store.  We pick and pack them accurately and carefully.  You and your customers receive updates in real time. 


Packed orders are automatically allocated to the most cost and time effective courier service.  99.8% of orders are successfully delivered on time.

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