3PL Central

We know one size doesn’t fit all

That’s why our technological development is driven by the need to provide solutions that are faster, easy to navigate and help drive meaningful customer relationships

With 3PL Central’s real-time data and cloud-based tools, you can:
◾   Fulfil orders from multiple brand and channels in one place

◾   Manage and optimise your inventory levels

◾   Track every order from checkout to customer

◾   Give your customers online tracking and easy returns

◾   Access advanced stock movement reports to make informed business decisions


3PL Central provides total connectivity to help you run your ecommerce business.  Our warehouse management system, 3PL Central, is the technological cornerstone of our ability to view, connect and control the entire fulfilment network from a single cloud-based location.

Developed on a cutting edge REST API, 3PL Central enables us to connect globally to the shopping platforms our clients need.

The ‘system’ approach to connectivity gives us and our clients complete warehouse management from one centralised data source.  3PL Central has an extensive list of pre-wired shopping carts, order management systems, ERPs, shipping solutions and more.  This allows us to integrate our clients’ online shops to our internal systems quickly and help new fulfilment clients hit the ground running within a matter of hours.

The system’s pre-wired connections even provide connection-specific workflows to accommodate the unique needs of ecommerce clients.

What 3PL Central does for you
Order Management

Integrate multiple brands and eCommerce platforms to manage all orders in one place.

Inventory Management

Our stock analysis tools identify best and worst-selling lines and stock levels.  This gives you valuable insights to meet customer demand while you get the most out of your storage and inventory-purchasing.

Warehouse Management

Track the progress of every order through our warehouse in real time. Identify issues with incorrect addresses or out-of-stock products and make amendments to orders.

Returns Management

Yous customers can easily initiate returns online. The system generates a shipping label for them and notifies you and your account manager of the return and the reason for it.

Learn more about the order fulfilment process

Goods in

You send us your stock, our experienced team inspect it and find a home for it in our warehouse.  After your stock is processed and stored, it’s ready for your first orders.

Warehousing and Storage

Your items are safely stored in our brick warehouses.  Our could-based systems allow you real-time control and visibility of your stock levels and location.

Pick and Pack

We automatically retrieve your orders from your store.  We pick and pack them accurately and carefully.  You and your customers receive updates in real time. 


Packed orders are automatically allocated to the most cost and time effective courier service.  99.8% of orders are delivered successfully and on time.

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