There was a time when word-of-mouth, online shopping, advertising and shipping were distinct ways for brands to build loyalty and drive reputation.  Today’s consumers, however, demand experience at every stage of their exchange with a brand.  So, the lines separating a brand from its online store or shipping are becoming increasingly blurred.  That is why in 2018 order fulfilment can make or break an online business of any size.

From shaving equipment to high-end designer handbags, consumers in 2018 want more than just the items they ordered.  They’re after a brand that can offer them a lifestyle. To satisfy this, businesses have to view every part of a customer’s order as an opportunity.

The basic fulfilment services that we covered earlier are the bricks and mortar of any fulfilment company.  But there is a range of specialist services Dimensions offer that help set eCommerce businesses apart from competition.  Some come with added costs, but that’s often worth the value they bring if your goods require special handling.  Here’s a look at 7 innovative ways to help your business create long-lasting relationships with customers.



Custom Shipping Labels



Custom Printed Shipping Labels


As personalised order confirmation and tracking are becoming mainstream, other fulfilment areas are opening themselves up for customisation.  One of these is shipping labels.

They’re the first thing a customer sees once they receive their order.  In the UK, 1 in 4 people place online orders at least once a week.  So with several businesses and products competing for loyalty on consumers’ doorsteps, it is important to stand out from the crowd.

Shipping label customisation allows for your logo or other images that evoke your brand to be printed on your shipping labels so you can make a long-lasting impression.



Sourcing Packaging



Custom Printed Box


To make a bigger impact, at Dimensions we also offer custom colour-printed boxes for your order fulfilment.  Similar to shipping labels, custom boxes allow you to make a strong visual impression with colours, images and words that evoke your brand.

Being a lot more visible than a shipping label, however, a custom box needs to be designed carefully.  This is because a box will not only be seen by your customer, but also by their neighbours and passers-by who are unfamiliar with your brand.  Use this to your advantage, and you will be left with a powerful advertising tool.

Our Account Managers are experienced in creating and sourcing custom boxes so they’re able to make a seemingly daunting task painless for our customers.  From offering valuable advice to sourcing affordable quality materials on your behalf, they’re able to help businesses every step of the way to a highly specialised, quality fulfilment process.



Custom Inserts



It’s important to make your customers feel valued.  The easiest way to achieve this is by adding a personal touch to orders.   Being a time consuming task, however, this is where your fulfilment partner will come in handy.  At Dimensions, for instance, trained warehouse staff insert special offers, personal notes, vouchers and anything else you require in the item packages before shipping at competitive rates.

Whether it’s a unique discount code or a handwritten thank-you note, a simple personalised insert has the power to grant you returning business.



Kitting and Light Labour



Sample Box


Dimensions can ship multiple products as a set rather than individually as part of your fulfilment services.  This service is ideal for sampling as it allows start-ups and established companies alike to test their products and market.  But that’s not all.

Don’t forget that consumers love a freebie.  So, companies, such as L’occitane and Craft 56, also use this service to reward their existing customers with free product.  Accompanied with custom inserts and discount codes, free samples add value to your brand, make your customers feel more valued, and ultimately trigger a purchasing action.



Time and Reliability



The only thing worse than a delayed order dispatch is receiving the wrong items.  At Dimensions, we work hard to ensure neither of these online shopping nightmares manifest.  We pack stocks within 48 hours of arrival.  We dispatch all orders placed before 12pm on the same day.  Our warehouse operatives boast 99.9% pick accuracy and we offer carrier services that include next day signed for.  So you can rest assured that your orders and customers are in good, reliable hands.



Account Managers




Perhaps the best thing about outsourcing your order fulfilment to a third party is that you, too, are a customer.  Dimensions will go to great lengths to keep you as happy as your end customers.

Above all, our dedicated Account Managers are here to help relieve you of your fulfilment workload and free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.  They make it their mission to effectively resolve any arising issues and offer phone and email support for all your orders.



Latest Technology



Dimensions use the latest logistics (3PL) and warehouse management software to ensure a smooth fulfilment process from start to finish.  We have also developed a customer-facing version of 3PL to offer our customers real-time view of the stock and orders.  Our advanced technology and reporting ensure businesses have full visibility of their fulfilment process and are always in control.



The Bottom Line


While a robust brick and mortar fulfilment is vital for eCommerce businesses, the key to standing out from the crowd is going the extra mile for your customers.  Most businesses have grown used to treating advertising, branding and shipping as distinct and separate, but viewing these as one is both more effective and less costly.  Dimensions enables you to use your customers’ demanding expectations to your advantage by creating a tailored, highly specialised fulfilment process that safeguards customer lifetime value.




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