From hundreds to thousands
From local to global
From postcards to parcels

Dimensions provide a first class direct mailing service.

If you’re one of the numerous companies turning to Mail Marketing following the new GDPR restrictions, look no further.  For the last 30 years, Dimensions has been creating successful end-to-end mailing campaigns for small and large companies alike.


Whether you’re a veteran in direct mail campaigns or you’re just starting out, we can add significant value to every stage of the process.  From assigning you with dedicated account managers who will save you time, to negotiating the best rates for materials, printing and posting, Dimensions will always put your needs and goals first.


Our knowledge and experience of the industry is unparalleled, so speak to one of our mailing advisers to discover how Dimensions can help you develop a direct mail campaign that works.


Direct Mail Benefits


Contrary to common belief, Direct Mail offers incredible return on investment.  With a design that stands out and a clear CTA, it effectively delivers your message to your customers.  This adds value to your brand and thereby makes consumers more likely to act.


When it comes down to it, all direct mail requires to be successful is a clear message and a targeted mailing list.  Send your mail to the right people, and you are guaranteed that your brand and its message will be delivered right on your customers’ doorsteps.


Why stop at your customer’s doorstep when you can get even closer?  You can simply add the recipient’s name or a unique discount code to  make your customers feel more valued.  So it’s easy to make your marketing campaign work harder at no extra cost.


Direct mail comes in all shapes, colours and sizes.  Craft a unique sensory experience around your brand by customising everything down to the paper weight and finish of your mailing.  From charities to luxury fashion goods, we’ll help make your brand memorable.

Find out how you can produce a Direct Mail campaign that works.

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