Depending on the type of return you seek on an investment, there are different ways to improve your ROI.  Returns can include increased profits, reduced expenses or intangible benefits such as improved operating efficiencies and increased brand awareness.

Over the years Dimensions has helped companies achieve their business objectives by effectuating Fulfilment, Direct Mail Marketing and Promotional Packaging 


Your items will be safely stored, picked and packed in built-for-purpose areas by well-trained staff.

1. Outsource your Order Fulfilment 


As the D2C market grows, the stigma around outsourcing order fulfilment is quickly diminishing.  It used to be believed that companies outsourcing their order fulfilment were giving away control of the crucial part of their business that stood between their products and their customers.

This might have been true thirty years ago, but in the digital age it is no longer the case.  In 2018, by outsourcing your fulfilment you are:

  • Gaining more visibility of your stock and orders:  Using the latest warehouse management technology (3PL Central), Dimensions offers its customers a live feed of their stock and orders. We also go the extra mile to provide daily reports custom to your business.  This could be anything from sales figures of your items, stock levels, or even expiry dates.
  • Saving Time: At Dimensions, every fulfilment client is appointed a dedicated account manager.  Our account managers make it their mission to ensure your fulfilment and returns run smoothly so you can invest your time in growing your business.
  • Saving Money: Why pay more for your order fulfilment when you can take advantage of a fulfilment partner’s economies of scale? From storage space to packing materials and shipping costs, a fulfilment partner can give you access to lower fees and rates and thereby improving your Return on Investment. 

Spreading your marketing budget across different marketing methods ensures your campaign reaches a larger audience.

2. Invest in more than one marketing methods


The most widely used form of marketing in 2018 was digital marketing.  But, you wouldn’t entrust your Sales Executive with your payroll, so why would you hope a single form of marketing would reach all your target customers across every stage of their buying journey?

Research has shown that Direct Mail Marketing yields 12% more ROI than other forms of marketing.  This is because, if executed right, Direct Mail is more targeted.  Direct Mail also creates a longer lasting impression on your audience, making them more likely to act.  But not everyone is prepared to risk their marketing budget with a method they haven’t tried and tested.

Dimensions understand and respect that.  With several years of experience in executing mailings, our marketing advisers will help you create a successful mailing campaign.  They offer their valued advise and support to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.


3. Capitalise on your Promotional Packaging


In today’s competitive market, it can be difficult for businesses to make their mark or stay ahead of competitors.  Give your customers a motive to spend their hard-earned money with you by creating a rewarding buying journey.

From simple rewards such as pens and reusable bags to complex gifts-with-purchase, Dimensions has the facilities, expertise and staff necessary to meet your promotional packaging needs efficiently.  This will improve you customer loyalty and guarantee good Return on Investment in the long run.

Every business will have different needs and those may change with time or as your company grows.  A multi-disciplinary business support partner, like Dimensions, will give you the freedom and flexibility to try different marketing and business strategies to find what is best for you and your business.


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